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Street art is a broad category. Some installations, typically commissioned by cities or office building developers, are designed and intended to be permanent. Others, like murals, decay relatively quickly and are often the target of graffiti. Finally, there is graffiti itself. Graffiti may range from a scrawled tag to an epic construction, but most graffiti is short-lived. Some cities, especially in Europe, have created zones in which graffiti artists are encouraged. Many of these artworks are modified or replaced within hours, allowing a photographer to capture a unique and highly transitory scene.
EyelightUntitledAlmost the Decisive MomentUntitledAmy WinehouseLiberty and JusticeI Life My LampThe Bus Will be LateThe Goose's CurseDistortionMagnifiedRefresh'Twas a Rotten Box of ChocolatesStolenSuperficially ThinkingA Beak is not a BillBlue CircleMetal and ConcreteTilesA Model's Life