About Limited Edition Prints


I am pleased to offer limited edition prints.  Each of these are printed on archival paper with no optical brightening agents added and using only OEM archival inks.  In order to ensure quality, I print all limited edition prints myself. The size at which each print is offered is based upon the particular camera that was used to shoot the photo.  I will not produce a print that is larger than whatever size can be obtained with a minimum resolution of 300 dots per inch.  

Once completed and inspected, I will personally sign, date, and number the print on the reverse side.  Prints will be packaged so that no damage can occur during shipping.  I generally use the USPS to deliver my prints, and shipping costs are based on the USPS prices.   

I am strict in my interpretation of "limited edition."  In other words, there will never be another limited edition of the same print but in a different size.  Once the available prints have been sold, they will not be offered again. 

All of my photos are edited.  Some are minimally processed, while others represent composites of several to many different images that have been combined to achieve my artistic vision.  I do not currently use AI-generated content for any of my images.  However, AI is being integrated into many of the editing software I use, so that may change.  If AI-generated content is used, this will be prominently disclosed in the photo's description.

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